Import animation without mesh

I try to import an animation from boss@idle.FBX which contains of boss.FBX. The mesh data is already exists in boss.FBX, and I don't to import it again. However, I cannot find any method to import just only animation without mesh data.

import your boss@idle.FBX and duplicate animation file(example: task001)and delete boss@idle.FBX in project tab…you can use the duplicated animation for old mesh…

I am struggling with this as well… The answer above suggest you duplicate the ‘Anim’ clip out of the FBX but if you had to re-export the animation then the game looks at the Duplicate not the original and as such would require re-pointing everywhere that anim might be used in game. Seems messy? …

If you export just the bone data in your anim, you get a ‘miss-matched’ bone hierarchy even though the only thing missing is the mesh data.

Option 1: Duplicate the anim clips to store the anim data, but cannot be re-exported easily.

Option 2: every animation clip has duplicate mesh data which seems very wasteful and messy?

Anyone have a better solution?

This still seems to be an issue, as Nintenjo said, in my case I’m trying to export every animation with the duplicated mesh. It’s not cool because the FBX then use 2,8 Megs in memory instead of 500-600 Ko.

Still haven’t found any better solution?

Oh and duplicating the anims doesn’t seems to work for me, since it’s an FBX file I cannot modify it. Not sure I understood the process…


I just understood the Ctrl + D on the animation to duplicates it, however it an uncool step IMO that doesn’t improve much the project.

I tested with the Memory Profiler and even though the FBX is larger and take more space on our Perforce server, in memory the Mesh is still created only once and there is a ref count system on it.

So, Performance wise, it doesn’t change anything to have the Mesh duplicated in each of the animation.