Import Animation - Won't Play (Screenshot Included)

Hello all,

I have a Minecraft character I created inside of Blender. He’s rigged, skinned, animated, and textured(aka, all set to go! :D).

I decided to create all of my animations inside of a single timeline, so I separated them properly inside of the inspector upon import into an Idle, Attack, and Walk animation files.
I then added both an Animator and Animation component to the Prefab(I created one for the MC character I just imported).
Inside of the Animation component I changed size to three and dragged each of the animation clips into the new slots.
Play Automatically is checked.

When I Run the program no animation plays.

Thanks a lot for all help offered.

Thanks, and have a great day!


Here’s a screenshot of my exact settings.

Don’t Crossing the Streams!

I know its confusing but the Animator is new, while Animation is old. Both are expectable but you can’t use both.

If you want to use Animation then on your model/animations import settings make sure Rig is set to Legecy. Then get rid of the Animator component from the gameobject (if it doesn’t do it for you).

If you want to use the Animator/Mecanim you will need to create a Animator Controller which is a little hard to explain but here is the video tutorial for you.

FYI: the legacy will be going away at some point according to the documentation.