Import Blender Model - Assigning Materials

Hello all,

I’ve created a basic object inside of Blender, and have UV Mapped a custom texture to it. It all looks great inside of Blender, but upon dropping it inside of Unity it has the default material.

I unwrapped my object inside of Blender, then aligned it to a UV map I created in Photoshop CS5. It renders perfectly inside of Blender.

I’m accustomed to online forums and user etiquette, so I spent a few hours searching for a solution. Here’s what I have tried:

Saving .blend file directly into the Unity Project file, then dropping it inside the editor.

Exporting Blender model as a .fbx file, and dropping it inside of the editor.

Both options have produced the same result. The model inside of Unity has the default material.

May someone please offer a bit of advice concerning importing an asset into Unity whilst keeping the same attributes inside of the 3D modeling program.

Side Note: Would using Maya have better results? I have Maya(legit version) but prefer Blender for simple tasks.

Thanks in advance for all advice received.

Have a great day!


Still looking for an answer. Thanks for taking some of your valuable time to view this thread. :slight_smile:

you have to do that manually

  • go to the place where you original texture file is stored and bring it into unity
  • go to the materials folder and click on the material there should be a place where you can select textures
  • select the texture that you imported and voila its done

Hope this helps you it caused me a lot of frustration when I didn’t know it, cheers


I had the same problem until yesterday. The main problem is that Unity can’t find the texture files referenced inside the .fbx export file.
To solve it, I make the fbx export from Blender as allways (UV mapping etc) and then, BEFORE IMPORTING IT TO UNITY, I open this fbx file with the tool Autodesk FBX Converter. It allows you to embed the referenced textures into the fbx file itself, and pack it as binary. Finally, I take this new fbx file and import it to Unity and it runs perfect.

Hope it helps