Import Blender models

Hi guys! I’m using blender to make the 3d models of my game, the models yes export and are fine in Unity, But the thing here is that the models import without materials, I have one low poly tree and want to import the model with the materials, I’ve heard that i can do this if I import the textures, but the problem here is that I dont have textures! I just use the materials to give them glossy and diffuse colors, but when I import them as .blend file or fbx they just appear with gray materials…

try to extract the materials in the import settings! and be sure to use in blender just plain materials without any specify settings(color only)

Try changing the material import settings. Maybe ‘import materials’ is not enabled.
This menu has all important information about the materials embedded to your object. I tested with a .blend and a .fbx and both are working