Import colliders from Blender

Does Unity have any option to import basic colliders from Blender? I mean, maybe modelling a cube in blender, assigning it any tag or something, so when I import, Unity recognizes those basic objects as colliders.

I know about the mesh collider, but it consumes a lot of resources, so I’m looking for a way to working faster with basic colliders. Thanks!

Forgive any assumptions on my part, but I think you might overestimate the actual performance impact of Mesh Colliders and maybe not savvy their proper creation and use but I’ll get into that. The built in primitive geometry in Unity will do this for you automatically and will be best for prototyping. You are doing prototyping first and not worrying about performance until later so much, right? But no, there is not a built-in way to generate primitive type colliders (cube, sphere, capsule, etc.) for imported primitives or complex geometry. I think if you want to build out of primitives this way for prototyping and not having to futz with things as much, you would just use Unity’s built in primitives to model your basic shapes, or even rely on ProBuilder that comes with Unity, as it should make collisions for you and is easy to use.

(Sorry if you know this or it doesn’t apply to you: but it bugs the heck out of me with novice and single developers that jump the gun on their artistic assets and start with that in mind, but I can’t stress enough to prototype first and get your gameplay made, worry about making the game pretty and making adjustments to performance later. You’ll have something to show for it rather than a bunch of assets. Also, KISS, always)

(If you ever need this for characters, maybe look into the built in Rag Doll. It sets up a rig with colliders.)

There are some collision generators on the asset store but IMHO you are better off making low poly collider meshes in blender to use with the Mesh Collider component. While yes Mesh Colliders use more processing power, if you design them properly they should be as fast as the amount of primitives you are eventually trying to automate, if it’s a lot? If it’s only a few colliders you have to setup by hand then just chock it up to part of the production process and use the editor handles to get the shapes right. If you feel you require dozens for each individual complex element of your map you might find this compound collider generator handy, Compound Collider Generator | Utilities Tools | Unity Asset Store. It’s not too expensive but I don’t guarantee it’ll do much more than give you some faster ways to set up specific shapes, not so much automatically do it for you. Hope that helps.