Import color 3dsmax to unity

boys problem … I created my building. When I go to export as FBX is that obj sees the unity 3d but not the colors. Use standard colors 3ds … Only if I apply my texture and then put it on this unity I see. But if, for example, metal simple standard type colors using 3dsmax then how do I get the structure with the colors of unity?

I found the problem but do not know how to solve. How to use render artrender and use the color autodesk autodesk type metallic paint.

If you use scanline render and color standar unity sees it. how to solve?

Materials from 3D packages are not readable/transferable into Unity. A metal material will need to be created in Unity using the standard shader or other shader type. Standard shader is very robust. Check the learning videos on the standard shader.

In 3D to get textures to show properly in ANY engine the 3D model has to have proper UVs set up for the model. A texture can be applied to the model using the UVs to control the placement of the texture on the model.

The only time a model does not require texture coordinates (UVs) is when the artist uses vertex colors. Unity reads vertex colors and applys the colors the a models vertices in the engine, but this requires a vertex color shader to be used, and has limitations.