Import data from temperature sensor

Hi guys

I would like to import a series of data about the probe temperature revelations.
So I can make a map and see the temperature in various points in real time.
What is the best way to put this data on a database and then query them in real time on unity?

I know that it is very dispersive as a question but the person who takes care of taking this data and storing them asks me how he must convert them so that they can then be taken on unity.
I would like to know only the general pipeline for learn the process.

Thank you

This requires a hardware solution, in addition to a software solution. Without more details, I can only provide a general outline of what you will need.

You will need some kind of device to read all those temperatures, and provide them digitally to a computer. Whether this device is part of the computer, or connected via USB, you are going to need some kind of “device driver” software to actually get the values FROM this device TO the computer. Drivers are usually produced and provided by the hardware manufacturer. HOW to access the driver, from within Unity, or your database software, depends upon how the driver is written and meant to be used.

Once the data is on the computer, you can simply store the values in a file, or set of files, which can then be read by Unity.

I have the possibility to have a database on the server to read and type .csv or excel or sql where I’ll read the temperature value every minute.
It’s more difficult csv, Excel or sql for beginner?