Import DTED to build terrain heightmap

I am new to Unity.
I would like to build real world terrain using dted height files I have and satellite imaginary as texture.
Is it possible to import dted files as is, or shall I use another tool to convert it to .RAW format? If so, which tool is recommended for this task ?


The Importing DEM Terrain Heightmaps for Unity using GDAL | Alastair Aitchison site is very useful, but you have to specify the resampling algorithm in the gdal command if you enlarge the output image compared to the input DEM size. By default the resampling algorithm makes huge terraces. You have to use bilinear or bicubic algorithm instead,
for instance:
gdal_translate –ot UInt16 –scale –of ENVI –outsize 1025 1025 -r cubic srtm_36_02_warped_cropped.tif heightmap.raw

I’d use GDAL. I wrote a post a few months ago which explains how to use GDAL to convert GeoTIFF data to build Unity terrain. Seeing as GDAL reads DTED format too, it should basically follow exactly the same process:

I come 3 years later with the exact same questions !
@borisnudelman did it work ?
How did you do it ?