Import fbx by code

Hi all

I have a problem and not know where to begin, what happens is that I am new to this part of matter, the issue is that I need to import a fbx by code to a scene in unity which is in another directory outside the project, I found something obj files but it’s for

Please any information is valid

PS: Sorry for my English

Ok first you have to seperate the Unity runtime from the Unity editor. The runtime (the actual engine) doesn’t provide any functions to read fbx models. Everything in Unity is managed as an asset which have to be imported in the editor which is able to load fbx files.

It would be possible to use you own / third party fbx importer at runtime to load an fbx model but not out-of-the-box. Usually to load models at runtime you would use a simpler format like wavefront .obj / .x which are well documented.