import FBX files to unity not correct axis

I’m sorry, so my english is not good.
I have 2 problems that need help to resolve it

  • problem 1 : i can’t import correctly the excepted axis in Unity. I tried to test some case by change axis, change version export, change scale in blender export fbx option, but I had only a same result as p1 on below.

  • problem 2 : Render mode module on Particles Inspector not working with mesh exported from Blender.

Thanks for your times

Unity basically imports your object with a rotation to match what it thinks is the right answer instead of actually applying the rotation.

1: Drag and drop your object into your scene and look at what the rotation is.
2: Go back in to blender and rotate your object on whatever axis unity did and apply the rotation.
3: Export your object again
4: Place your newly imported object in your scene. If you delete the rotation after dragging it in to your scene it should not be how you originally wanted it to be.

This video shows the process if I didn’t explain it well enough: link text