Import FBX from 3Dsmax (2017) with Skin AND Morph modifier to use with Animator (Unity 5).

I’ve been trying to do this and just can’t figure it out…

My goal is to have a skinned biped using Animator and also use blend shapes for one of the meshes that make the model(Eyes + Head + Body), in this case, the head.
If I remove the skin modifier from Max I can see the BlendShapes in the Skinned Mesh Renderer, but if I keep it below the Skin modifier, I can’t see the BlendShapes anywhere in Unity.

I’ve tried exporting with every version of FBX and tons of other ‘possible’ solutions but can’t get it to work.
Any help very appreciated.

@castor I know this post is kind of old now, but just stumbled onto it and thought to post my work around in case anyone still has issues.

Regarding morpher and skin modifiers imported from 3dsmax, you can put the morpher modifier Above the skin modifier in the stack. Which is the opposite of what should be done when animating in max… just remember to move the morpher to the top of the stack before exporting.

I have the same problem and I’m really looking for solution but still couldn’t find any good advise. Everyone say that Morpher must be below Skin in 3dsMax modifier list. I have this done but still Unity doesn’t see Morphs when I import .FBX into it.