Import Google Map in to Unity?

Does anyone know if it is possible to import a Google map into unity? I would like to use it as the basis for a real 3d town. If so, please could you outline the simple steps or point to a tutorial? Thanks

You are able to export your models from Google Sketchup to Unity, but you need to have the "Pro" version of Google Sketchup to export you models as a "FBX" file which Unity can comprehent, and that is about 600$ I think.

You can use WWW() to load map images from Google Maps or decarta or Bing map API’s.

Once you have the map images loaded, simply plaster then as textures on your inworld objects.

You’d probably want to create an array of textures, and also assign them to tile gameobject’s.

Another thing to try is exporting from Sketchup (with the terrain in it of course) as a KMZ file. Rename that file to .zip, open, extract the .dae and textures and try bringing those in. Sketchup is notoriously bad at exporting proper Collada dae files, so you may need to massage it in Blender or something.