Import just one animation

Hello Unity3D i have a question about animations.How can i import just one animation to unity3D from Blender3D?Is it possible to import just one or i can only import just the whole armature with all the animations?If anyone knows how to do this?Can you please tell me how?

I’m not sure but maybe could separate the animations into different blender files (ctrl+shift+s) and import them one at a time?

Sorry if this is wrong. It’s just an idea

In the import settings go to the tab Animations, in the list select the animation you want to remove and click the button “-” at the end of the list (you can delete one per time, just repeat until you have listed only the animations you want to import), then click APPLY. Ideally if you don’t need some animations you shouldn’t export them from the 3D program.

You have to Rig it. when you say just 1 do you mean 1 image or 1 full animation clip?
Look on rig how to topics that will easily guide you how to do it