Import Kinect animation to Unity


I would like to know how to import animation done in Kinect (Skeletal joints) to Unity 3D? I would like my humanoid model to replicate the behavior I do using Kinect. I have downloaded the Kinect View plugin and able to interface Kinect with unity and able to see the Kinect skeleton moving in Unity 3D, But I would like to associate this movement to one of Humanoid models in Unity 3D.

Also is there a way to convert Kinect output (.xef) to .fbx format? I have seen KinectAnimationStudio, anything apart from that?

I’m new to Unity, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,
Jeevan Kumar G"

I found an Unity Asset “Cinema Mocap2” using which we can import motion captured in Kinect to Unity. I was able to apply the motion to humanoid models as animation.