Import mesh from AutoDesk 123D Designer into my scene


I found the another question with this problem, but the two converter websites can’t convert my mesh. (The previous question is almost 2 years old)

The Greentoken site says this: “Conversion failed, the converter failed to handle this file”

The another one is not exists anymore.

So, i have a really simple Mining Station model, and i just want to use it in my game. I tried a lot of converters, but the results in the most cases is terrible. I also tried to import the files into Autodesk Maya, but all the times i got error message.

Anyone have an idea how to use this model?

This is a pic from the station:

Thank you, and sorry for the language mistakes!


I successfully import my mesh into Google Sketchup. Then i export the station into 3DS, and now i can import the mesh into my scene!

So here is the steps:

  1. import DWG file into Google Sketchup
  2. export into 3DS file
  3. import 3DS file into Unity