import model blender placement

When I import a model from Blender (2.63) I cant place the model in the scene.
I just import a cube (scale sized) onto my world by placing the blend file intpo the assets folder.
I then drag the model onto the terrain and seems to appear no where where I wanted it to, and I cant seem to move it in place.

I did scale the cube in Blender because it is too big.
Would this coause the problems?
How do I get a small cube setting in Blender that will work in Unity3d?

I set the object to 0,0,0 for translation and rotation and it apears off the world terrain?

How do I place blend objects in the unity3d world? I simply drag the object from projects to the heirarchy.

Don’t scale it in object mode, Reset the scale and then scale the vertices in edit mode