Import Model Issue


First off all I’m new to Unity so therefor my question. I want to create a watertank with water in it and on the front of the tank there is an opening so you can see how much water there is left in it. I tried to make the tank in Blender and there it displays just fine. Whenever I transfer the object to Unity the inside is transparent and I can see through the back. Anything I’m doing wrong? Could be in blender, could be in Unity I’m not sure. I imported the blender file in unity using the default settings.


You need to reverse the normals of the faces in the interior so that they’re facing inwards (w → Flip Normals).

Blendes does show the backside of polygons but unitys shader will not.
That is a normal behavior to save a big amount of processing power by not rendering the backside of polygons.
You should model the inside face of your model.
If you are already have modeled them and I’m just not able to see it on the screenshot you may have to check that the polygons normal is showing in the correct direction.
You may have to enable backFaceCulling in blender to see the problem.