Import Models

I’m presently using Hexagon 2.5 to make my grey scale models then importing them to Carrara 8.0 to texture and animate them. Presently I’m having an issue where the models for some reason are not importing properly. On at least one of my models the front of it is showing that it’s missing a piece. The edges are still there when I rotate around the model I can see the underside of it but the top of it is transparent.

What I have done so far is attempted to fix the model (found some empty area’s) and export the model using .fbx format and the same thing happens.

My next venture is going to be rebuilding the model from scratch and trying that route, I would like to prevent that but if I have to so be it.

That is a Normals Issue, probably due to bad modeling habbits…

To fix it, open your model in Hexagon and flip the appropriate polygons. (Don’t know Hexagon, but there should be an option to enable Backface Cull, so you can see those problems during modeling)