Import movement animation path from 3Dmax

I used 3Dmax exported camera animation path, and imported it in Unity like this:

  • create 3dmax bone or dummy objects with animation, using the spline path
  • export FBX (binary, collapse all)
  • import FBX into Unity, and then drag my model into imported model in hierarchy

Just to add the thing that when you add your camera or object in animated bone (with animation path from 3Dmax) you need to change some import settings: Rig option to Legacy (at least in my case that was the problem), and to set the scale of the imported object from 0.1 to 1.

After that, my object is following the path from 3Dmax but with a little deviation. It is a very large road actually, and a path for object to follow that road. But on some points it steers out of the road and then turns back. Like some rounding problem vith path vertexes or something like that.

Anyone knows what is the problem here?
I have tried a lot of exports and variations but can’t solve it.


Unity interpolates animation optimally for bone driven character and generic animation, rather than paths. Without getting into complex details of euler/quaternions, there are a few ways around this:

  • Duplicate the FBX to make it read only & Edit the curves that seem out of whack in the animator

  • Bake your keyframes out of Max or ensure the best fit with the imported animation

There is a bit for info here: