Import New Asset Default Location

I’ve been using Unity for over a year now, and not until recently have I realized how annoying it is to have to keep double clicking on parent directories until I get to the correct one.

I have a Photoshop directory in which I store all my images in psd and other image formats to be used in Unity. The directory is placed next to the directory for my Unity project.

When I right click in the Project pane and select “Import New Asset…” the default directory that it opens is Desktop. This is very inconvenient.

I know in other programs (like Autodesk Maya) you are able to set a default directory for it to open; Is this possible in Unity?

Please tell me it’s possible, I may go insane if not.

Thank you!

P.S. I have the newest version of Unity installed (v4.6)

Here 2 other suggestions as I don’t know an answer to your question:

  • Why not having your Photoshop folder structure within Unity so it can update on the fly?
  • What about drag and drop files from explorer/ finder into the unity folder structure?