Import Project from Asset store

I want to download and run the project from asset store in my Unity. So please provide a step for this.

I don’t know where to post this. I consider this a bug in the EDITOR asset store my downloads hompage.

i want to make sure I get the latest versions of tools I have bought. I click Download… it goes to 100% then I click IMPORT and NOTHING.

If I leave my downloads page, and come back. The Download button is NOT green with 100% anymore, BUT the IMPORT button now functions… what’s up with this?

Unity Pro 5.3.3

I’m not sure which step you’re missing, step one or step two…

Step 1.) Go to the Asset Store.

Step 2.) Click Download and Import.


  1. Go to Asset store.

  2. Search the project you want to import.

  3. Hit the “Download” drop-down button.

  4. Select “Download and import”.

  5. Wait.

  6. Hit the “All” button.

  7. Hit the “Import” button.

That’s it.

I’m having an issue in 5.3.2-5.3.4 where i try to import an asset but the import button is unresponsive. The workaround I found was to download, then click on the title of the asset. There is another import button on the asset screen that seems to work fine. @jbarbeau

Make sure you are not in play mode. If you are, you cannot download assets and an error will be posted. You will only see the error if you have the console window selected