Import rigged character from Maya to Unity

I have a character with walk cycle, which was created in Maya and it contains control curves,character set, character setup (IK Handles, IK Splines). That Character works perfectly in Maya but i don't know how to Import in Unity3d. I saw some tutorial characters in web it works good in Unity but it doesn't contain any IK Handle and control curves. How is possible??

IK and control curves will be bake by the fbx exporter when you import your animation from maya to Unity, but it is not very clean.

I think it is better to bake the animation directly in maya : - select your root, then select the all hierarchy Edit => Select Hierarchy - bake simulation : Edit => Keys => Bake simulation (clic on the option to define the duration of your animation) - Delete your ik, rig, etc - Verify your animation is still ok - Export to Unity

The bake put a key on each bone at each frame => no more interpolation, no more need of IK and so on :)

i faced the same problem and found solution here...thanks a lotttt

Hi Edwig. .
Thanx for your answer.
It solved Our Problem. . .
Only single mesh or character is required.

In some cases, particularly those that involve more complicated rig setups and skeletal structures with hierarchies that rely on curves etc. it can be a good idea to bake the animations as stated above and save the whole rig, curves/Ik/controllers included, as a .mb and then import that to unity and let the importer sort it out. I don’t advise rigging in this way, but I have seen it solve problems with seperate head, tail and spine bones for instance.

Hi, I have some probleme to export to FBX , I followed Edwige’s methode, my animation still ok in maya, (I précise that I deleted rig, bones, and IK - there only geometry in the scene, moving geometry.) but when I export animation, animation is not running!! please help ! :slight_smile: