import sketch up file to unity?

i have made a whole city and exported it as a obj fbx and 3ds

how can i import all the file not just a wall of each building of the city. do i need a converter or something?

You should check if, when exporting from Sketchup, you are exporting the whole scene or only the selected object.

Then just place the exported object (OBJ, FBX or 3DS, just one will do) inside your project’s Asset folder, and Unity will import it automatically.

When export from sketchup, make sure you are click to the option and check to “Export two-sided faces”

Try this, worked perfectly for me:

Sketchup Pro

1 Create/open the model with Google Sketchup
2 Export in .dae format (Default settings!)

In Unity

3 Create a new folder for your model (within the Assests tab)
4 Drag/Import your model textures into a textures folder (example: “Textures”)
5 Drag/Import your .fbx model in the new folder (same level as your “Textures” folder)

If you have done everything right, you should see a materials folder (near the textures folder) If you drag your object (fbx) into the scene it should be fully textured.

you should try the playuptools exporter to unity…it exports your models directly to unity as a sketchup add-on you will also need this for unity PlayUp Tools Plugin for Unity | Tools | Unity Asset Store