import standard packages

Im new to unity and was watching a tutorial on how to make a beginner first person game. Eventually in the tutorial he send to make the character by right clicking assets and going to import package and to then select characters. But when I went to import package, the only thing that showed up was custom package.

I tried looking around on the internet to find any reason why I dont have any of the ones he had and found the download for the standard assets under the assets store. When I clicked on it, it opened unity and said import. After I clicked import it imported everything in the standard assets. I then checked if I could right click assets and select characters but the only thing still there was custom package.

Hmm it looks to me when you installed/updated unity you didn’t download the standard assets with unity it’s self so you don’t have the package…You can try to reinstall unity without installing the thing it’s self and just get the standard assets @Saucy Taco