Import swf into unity 2d

I have created some object falling animation in flash. Can you let me know how to import swf in unity 2d or how to run animations in unity 2d using the .js file generated from flash.

I know how to create animations in unity 2d using sprite sheets, but there is no way to add ease in/ease out effect, to make the animations smooth, in unity 2d, whereas the animations created using flash are very smooth.

Thanks in advance

Yup, I would like to know the same as well. Actually, I don’t think unity can provide as much animation options as Flash (plz correct me if I am wrong) So I have only two options - Import swf in to Unity OR generate sprite sheet from Flash which is compatible with Unity. I tried many sprite sheet options in Flash but Unity cannot read it well.Unity reads the images from the sprite sheet but misses the transformation coordinates =(. Is there any option to make use of js file generated from flash along sprite sheet image in Unity?. Wish some pro is there to help!!

you can import the Flash swf into unity after a bit of conversion. for that you can try this tool
however its not for free. but price seems reasonable to me.

@maaizelahi @noortheanimator @orion5a

GAF is free for small companies Unity Asset Store - The Best Assets for Game Making Also it is pretty good for any kind of flash animation. Cons for you is c# instead of js :frowning:

Also you can use this extension (Flash Animation Toolset): Unity Asset Store - The Best Assets for Game Making