Import Video Codec H.264 MP4 from Premiere

I use Premiere Pro to create my video and I chose to use the Codec H264 to create a Mp4 file. Unfortunately when I put them in my asset folder my files are shown as video but it is impossible to play them. Actually in the Movie importer the Approx. file size is good, but the file size display behindthe Preview is only about few Kb.

I tried with other video mp4 files get from Youtube and it orked perfectly. Do you have any idea how to solve my problem?

Thank you.

Try using a different format. It doesn't really matter what it's saved as (as long as it imports) since Unity's just going to convert it to Ogg Theora anyway, though since it's getting re-compressed, obviously the higher quality in the original file, the better.

Have you tried AppGeeker? converts to any other type of format.

Premiere Pro seems to only support MPEG-2 video (*.mpg). Try to convert your MP4 video to MPEG-2 format using Video Converter Assist:

Just add your video files into that program, then choose the “video” mode and next “MPEG-1/2 Video Files”. Click on “Convert Now!” and all your conversion will be done in minutes.

Hey. It seems that some thing went wrong when you used Premiere Pro to convert the Codec H264 to a Mp4 file. You can restart the program and do the conversion again. If it won’t work you can have a try with this video converter tool. Good luck to you.

For anyone still trying to figure this out. I was having problems at first, but got it to work in Premiere CS5.5 with these settings (not sure which change made it work since I just changed a bunch all at once):

Format: H.264
TV Standard: NTSC
Resolution: 1920x1080
FPS: 30
Pixel Aspect Ratio: Widescreen 16:9
Profile: Basic (I think this might have been the trick)
Level: 4.2
Bitrate Encoding: CBR (This was also a possibility since I was using VBR before and that wasn’t working)

I hope it helps someone else if they get stuck.

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