Imported 2D sprites don't look good

I’ve made some vector images in inkscape and imported them to Unity. But I’ve noticed that, when looking at them from a far, they tend to not look very good. Their features look pixelated and blury. At first I though this was because I was using the Vector Graphics package to import the .svg files directly, but even when I export the image into a .png it still doesn’t look very good. Maybe I’m an idiot and can’t find some obvious setting to fix this but I just don’t know what the solution to this problem is.

If I’m right, when you import any image/texture into unity, it automatically sets its compression to normal quality, which means the image may seem blurry/pixilated. Click on your imported image in the assets folder, then under the inspector, head down to where it says Compression, and change it from Normal Quality to None, which should fix your problem