Imported Blender animations not playing in-game

Hi so I’m kinda new to all of this, I’ve been following a dark-souls like combat tutorial for my own game. Everything was working fine with the provided models and animations, then I started making my own, in which I replaced the old model in the player prefab with the new one.

When I imported them, the animations show up fine in the animator previews, but in-game they dont play, my character gets stuck on idle pose. I’ve tried everything in the configs already.
I’d like to add that the animations preview in unity also plays in-place, compared to the old model that was applying a root-bone (making the ground move beneath him), and which the root movement is being handled by script like in said tutorial.

I’ve found very confusing on how to do root bones animations in blender, or even to setup in unity and if they even are necessary or part of my problem;
could the problem be on the replaced model in the prefab? does including the skeleton armature in the prefab breaks anything? (I want to attach separate models like hair, weapon, armor. if so, is there a better way to do it?)

Sorry for so many questions, is just hard to know how to look for some of these problems and some tutorials are outdated or dont cover my specific problems. HALP!

Turns out the main problem was my prefab was in another prefab and it was conflicting.
The problem still stands with the root motion. The walk/run/sprint animations seemed to work correctly most of the time, but the dodge (bloodbourne style) still doenst work properly, she just jumps in place. If anyone what I can do, I thank you in advance.