Imported 'Ice/glass' shader not working on mobile test

Hi all,

I have so far been only working with some 'standard' materials and textures on my ARkit projects but now I have bought this great looking Ice shader from the asset store and it doesn't work with ARkit it seems.

This is the first time I have used a shader like this and I'm wondering if there is a mobile/AR setting I have missed to get this working. Currently, when I run the project it just makes all my objects with the shader attached solid grey.

Perhaps there is something in the code which is needed for AR? Can anyone give me a hint on where to look as I can't seem to find anything on this. Though my shader knowledge is practically none so maybe Im looking in the wrong place


Not all the shaders work the same on all platforms. It is not specific to arkit but being on IOS / Android withe there specific mobile GPUs.
Might simply be that the shader pack you bought does not work on mobile devices.