Imported model not accepting baked lighting

HI all,

Completely forgot to show you the problem!! Here you go: (had to imgur link it as can only upload 2 attachments)
Chest problem

I hope you can help me!

I’m new to baking lighting but I’ve imported two models into my scene. 1 wall and floor (combo) which works fine with the baked lighting but another model a chest just ignores all lighting accept realtime?

I’ve googled so much but every post keeps coming up with things I’ve already done. Tick the model as static, make sure its on the same layer, make sure shadows are enabled etc…

Also no shadows are rendered from the chests.

There are no errors or warnings and the bake takes around 5 minutues to complete.

I’ve checked all the import settings compared to the walls and nothings different. Note, it works fine with real time lighting.

Heres the lighting setup, import settings, model inspector settings (sorry website would only let me upload 2 images):

Any ideas? I downloaded the model from online so unless theres some issue with the model maybe? but I don’t know how to solve it if it is but heres the model anyway:

So I believe I’ve solved it.

Apparently Unity removed since Unity 5 the ability to bake a SkinnedMeshRenderer and it MUST be a MeshRenderer. I kinda understand it as a SkinnedMeshRenderer is rigged but just like this instance, its not going to be moved.

Bug report here:

Other things I tried was removing the material and just using the same material as a working one

Removing any parents and children and only using one model

Moving into a 3d editor and recalculating normals and flipping normals

Adding my answer here so people in the future know! :slight_smile:
[1]: Unity Issue Tracker - [New Feature] Baked lightmap for Skinned Mesh Renderers in Unity 5