Imported models have messed up normals in HDRP project (2020.2.0b5)

I created a blank project using the HDRP template, and it appears that the fbx models I've imported have really messed up normals. I went back into the Blender scene I exported one of my models from to make sure the scale wasn't negative and that the normals weren't inverted, and I didn't find anything suspicious. I opened up another project using a previous version of Unity (2020.1.6f1), and the model imported just fine without any issues.

Model in 2020.2.0b5 project:

The same model in my 2020.1.6f1 project:

Here's a zip of the 2020.2.0b5 project for the sake of repro-ing:

Hi @entity_NULL ,

Could you please submit a bug report for this issue with the information you provided here attached? Please share the issue ID here if you do.

Was this addressed? sames happens in 2020.2b10

fbx normals look fine in blender, but in unity they are a mess.

edit: I submited the bug, case 1290483.

Thank you for the bug report, @Aokkii . We'll look into it