imported morph animation not working

imported morph animation from 3ds is not working. there is the animation clip but object doesn’t animate at all. tried to reimport back to 3ds and animation is working fine. these are the settings for the imported model:

  • animation type: legacy. generation: store in root(new)

components of object when in scene:

  • skinned mesh renderer
  • animation : object animation clip. culling type: based on renderers(tried always animate but still does not work)

checked on animation window and there are correct keys accordingly but object still doesn’t animate.

am I missing something? appreciate any help

Do you have Import BlendShapes enabled from the Model tab on the importer?

Could be a couple things in 3D Max. 1. Morph modifier has to be below the skin modifier in the modifier stack. Skin has to be the top most modifier. 2. Upon export in the fbx dialogue make sure deformations, skins and morphs are all checked.