Imported objects don't react to script (default cube does)

Hi y’all,

I encountered a strange problem with imported objects from Blender. I placed the .blend file in the ‘assets’ folder so unity recognizes them, I put a box collider and a rigidbody on them, but somehow I can’t drop the objects after I’ve picked them up. This only happens with the Blender models, if i try it with a default cube it works perfectly. The rotation and scale values are all set to 0 (rotation) or 1 (scale)

Here’s the pick up code: (I work with Google Daydream btw)

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.EventSystems;
using System.Collections;

public class Pickupable : MonoBehaviour, IPointerClickHandler {
	private bool isPickedUp = false;
	private float distanceFromPointer;        
	public float movespeed = 0.02f;          

	public void OnPointerClick(PointerEventData pointerData) {                
		isPickedUp = !isPickedUp;
		distanceFromPointer = pointerData.pointerCurrentRaycast.distance;    

	void Update() {
		if (!isPickedUp) {        

		if (GvrPointerManager.Pointer == null) {    

		Transform pointerTransform = GvrPointerManager.Pointer.PointerTransform;
		Vector3 followPosition = pointerTransform.position + (pointerTransform.forward * distanceFromPointer);
		transform.position = followPosition;

		if (GvrController.IsTouching) {                        
			Vector2 touchPos = GvrController.TouchPos;      
			//Debug.Log (GvrController.TouchPos.y);            

			if (GvrController.TouchPos.y <= 0.25f) {    						//if the users' thumb is on the upper side of the touchpad            
				distanceFromPointer = distanceFromPointer + movespeed;		//move the object AWAY from the user
			} else if (GvrController.TouchPos.y > 0.75f) {        			//if the users' thub is on the lower side of the touchpad
				distanceFromPointer = distanceFromPointer - movespeed;		//move the object TOWARDS the user

Using the trackpad I ‘move’ the object further or closer to be able to drop and pick up the objects where-ever I want. A strange thing to notice though is sometimes i click the touchpad to pick up an object and if i don’t move my thumb and click again it drops perfectly, but if i move my thumb (for example to bring it closer) and press the touchpad again it won’t drop.

Anybody have a clue what’s going on?

alt text

alt text

*note, i’m making a medical game so the objects i’m ‘picking up’ are rather small (10cm - 30cm) (syringes, thermometer etc.)

EDIT; I uploaded the wrong image, the scale and rotation are truly 0 and 1 respectively

I suspect it has something to to with the size and complexity of the models.

-Import default cube from Blender as FBX → attach script → works perfectly
-Some small editing on the default cube in Blender (extrusions) → export FBX → attach script → works perfectly
-Make edited default .FBX cube smaller → can only pick up and very occasionally drop it somehow…

I literally have no clue what’s going on, the models i’ve made are all relatively simple and not too too small (>10cm)