Imported Object's global position incorrect

I imported an object into my unity scene. The object was exported from another program and was not centered on (0,0,0) while in that program. Therefore, even though the object is not at position (0,0,0) in unity, the transform still reads as (0,0,0). Is there a way to figure out the objects actual position in unity?

*transform.position returns (0,0,0)

*note: When I transform/move/rotate the object, the gumball is centered on the object, so this leads me to believe unity does know where the object is in unity space.

Once in Unity, that object is at position 0,0,0 even though the mesh “starts” somewhere else.

Where the “somewhere” else is would require you open the mesh in question in something like Blender or the original program and query the points for their x y and z properties.