Imported Objects not solid (Mesh Collider)

So I am making a 3D platformer game, and when I put an imported TREE in, I run through it. I know that people have answered these kinds of questions with mesh colliders, but now that I put one in, it imports to the wrong part of the tree. The second problem is that because the tree has two main parts in it (Leaf/Stem), I dont know how to put both of them as a mesh collider because I want to have it so that both components of the tree cant be gone through. Help would be nice! I am going to import a lot of 3D models like these so I think that this would be a huge lesson for me.

Thank you very much in advance !


Just add a couple of capsules or a capsule around the trunk and a sphere around the branches. I doubt you need more accurate collision. See here:

for how to create compound colliders.

First of all, try to avoid using Mesh Colliders. Another thing to note is that mesh colliders don’t collide with mesh colliders and that you need a rigidbody on the player for the collisions to happen. And for the position, I am not sure from the image, but it looks like the collider is on the parent of the actual tree that has no Mesh Renderer. Try adding the mesh collider to the children instead of the parent.

– David