Imported Rig rotation

hi guys,
i animated a humanoid character in blender and everything looks nice

when i import the model i have to change the root motion node. For some reason the has no affect on the root motion, so i have to change it to rig->root, and then the wohle rig rotates and looks like

how can i rotate it back? Rotate the prefab is not possible because i imported a couple of mocap animations, and they work fine
i also tried to rotate the root bone in blender to the side and raise the model to the original position, but the ik system does not like that idea and the whole animation was messed up
do i have to change the export settings in blender or something in unity?
thanks in advance

If someone run into the same problem as i did
here is a way i solved my problem
i left the root motion node as none and baked the rotation and the position on y
now ther is still the problem, that the animation looks a bit wired for example the up-down movement is messed up.
so i changed the animation in unity with the animation window. if there is a better way to solve that, please let me know