Imported skehup into unity not moving as I want!!!

I’ve created a model in sketchup, after exporting it into unity, I am using 2 kinds of scripts to move my model, one written in JS and another in C#, both scripts work perfectly for any cube of sphere I create within unity but not for my imported model. the imported model does move but in strange angles. for example when I click via mouse on any area on my floor the cube comes from where it’s located to that point precisely and stops, when I use the same script for my model, my model comes from a different location (from the edge of the floor) and doesn’t even stop on the spot where I click my mouse. Please I’ve been searching forums for a week and couldn’t find any help or answer. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. I am attaching my 2 scripts for you to clarify the idea. Thanks

If your script works for a cube but fails for the model, then it is highly likely that your pivot point for your model is not in where you expect (in the center) of the model. As a quick test, place a sphere at location (0,0,0) and scale it down to (.2,.2,.2). Now create your model in the hierarchy and place it at (0,0,0). If the model is built ‘correctly’ then it should be at the same position as the sphere.

The best fix is to move the pivot in your modeling program. Alternate fix #1 is to use an empty game object.

  • Place an empty game object at (0,0,0).
  • Add your model, move your model so that it appears at you would want it if it was placed at the origin.
  • Make the model a child of the empty game object by dragging it on top of the empty object in the Hierarchy view.
  • Scripts go on the empty game object.

Another solution is this editor script:

seems like you changed axes in sketchup,robertbu gives you good solution but unfortunately you are not understanding what he was trying to say, anyway here is another solution,

1)save you sketchup model and hit ctrl+n.
2)go to file and import your model
3)place your model on the origin of axis’s

now export in unity and put 0,0,0 in position you will see your model is in right place.