Imported textures from FBX not showing in Unity 2017


So when I’ve updated my unity from Unity 5 to Unity 2017.2 I notice that they have updated the way you import/apply textures to models in a neat and practical way. However, I can’t get it to work.

When you click on the FBX it seems super logical and I do not really understand why it is not working. I’ve been searching the forums but noone else seems to have this issue?

The problem is that the materials/textures that are included in the model is just white. If you imported a FBX in Unity 5, unity automatically crerated a folder and put all the materials inside, and then used the recursive-up search to find and apply they materials to the correct surface on the model. But now unity do not create a folder, should I do that by myself?

Anyhow. Do anyone know what is wrong here? I have included two pictures to be extra clear.


alt text

Okey, a small update. I double clicked on the material so the model was opened in an external program (Visual studios) and when I tabbed back to Unity it updated and created a FBM-folder so the textures are now loaded.
However, they materials are stilled grayed out. So I can’t make any changes at all to them. Anyone know why/how to fix this?

  1. Click on the FBX file in the Project Bin
  2. Click on the Materials Tab in the
  3. Click on the Extract Textures button. Navigate to where you want to store your textures.
  4. Click on the Extract Materials button. Navigate to where you want to store your materials.
  5. You should now have textures on your models

I’m also getting this behavior. dskeith’s answer works fine but why do some textures show and others do not.

In Max:

In Unity

I get that you can extract the texture from the FBX, but it would be nice to have it done automatically like you see in the Unity screenshot. I can’t figure out why one of these textures show and the other does not. The red gradient was a simple 512x512 gradient done in photoshop.

Anyone encounter this ?