Importer(DefaultImporter) generated inconsistent result for asset

Seems that the newly introduced shader caching scheme produces some inconsistent shader binaries.
Every time I edited my compute shader in Visual Studio, the shader code has chance to get messed up in the engine. Is there anyone experienced this before? Or this is a bug in newest version?

I'm also getting this (since 2020.2.1f1)...

2020.2.1f1 is kinda crap, cant even publish to cloud half the time..

I get a lot of these for all sorts of assets.

I sometimes even get them for FOLDERS (and nothing else), ffs.


Back with a vengeance in 2021.1.1 :P

Oh, Unity...

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Just upgrated to 2020.2.5 and I 'm still getting warnings like this from time to time. Appart from thw warning which makes me kinda worry, everything seems to work though.

Still not fixed in 2020.3


It temporarily goes away by deleting the library, but I can't keep deleting the library more often than my current once a week.

Can confirm that this bug is indeed not fixed.

I had been noticing it in my 2020.2 sandbox project to varying degrees of duplicity. This morning, I upgraded to 2020.3.0f1 after reading in the patch notes that it had been fixed...

Nope, still here.

Unity 2021.1: This is happened for scene asset

Come on Unity, this issue is still gong strong in 2021.1.2. We see these every day all the day...

Are we really gonna have to buy one of those Console replacement assets just to filter these warnings out?

Boom! Finally fixed in 2021.1.5 but you have to do an "Assets->Reimport All" to get rid of them!
Spotted it in the release notes