Importing 2D objects into Unity

Hi everybody, first post here. I started using Unity recently and purchased "Unity Game Development Essentials" which got me from no knowledge in coding to a decent amount in two days. After completing the book, I wanted to start my own simple project, a simple 2D game, the kind where you have to balance a motorbike or some other vehicle up jumps (you know the kind). I immediatly opened up, hoping that I'd be able to import images into the game world and then give them colliders. I could get them in my assets but not actually into the scene itself. Is it possible to do this? And also, If I can't and I need to make them in an alternate program, which one would be best? (Would wings 3d work?)

Thanks in advance and I'm looking forward to posting here in the future, hopefully I might even be able to help someone else one day.

[edit] Basically, I want the character to be able to roll up and down these hills. I was hoping I could just add the picture to unity and then add colliders to it and then ake a skateboard which would then be able to roll along with it. What's the easiest way to do this because I don't think that you can do this with .png.

alt text

You need something to put your images on; Unity is a 3D engine and everything, even 2D, is done in 3D. Make a simple quad in a 3D app and import that into Unity, then drag it into the scene. Then attach a material that has an image to the quad.

First add the picture. when you add it make sure its set as a Sprite under texture type. Then add a sprite to your scene. Once add go over to the inspector and click the tiny circle beside the blank box beside Sprite. Find your picture and done. You added a picture without the background on it. (Note: Picture must be on that can be viewed without white background)

Well, one of the best programs you can find, and more so because it's free, is Blender, which you can download here.

You may also want to look into the SpriteManager:

add the image as a .png then make a material with it. Then attach it to a sphere or if you don’t want the image to be distorted add it to a cube and attach a sphere collider.