Importing a blender mesh for a particle emitter.

I’m making particle effects, and for one of them I’d like to create a mesh to use for the emitter. I’m making my meshes using Blender3D and Drag/Dropping them straight into Unity. If I drag them into the scene, they show up fine, but if I try to assign a particle emitter to one of them, they do not appear. I’m able to take another mesh I made earlier and use it for an emitter, but not the one I just made. I can’t tell the difference between them.

I think I’m not adding or doing something to the mesh in Blender before I save it and import it into unity, but I can’t figure out what that is.

I have solved my issue similar to what OP was describing. When exporting your model in blender, check “Forward” and “Up” axes under the “Export FBX” settings list.

You’re saying that it works just fine with a different mesh? But not the one that you’re using? That sounds like a blender problem, not a problem with the script.

Is the object turning invisible, or is it not working at all? And are the particle effects not working on the mesh that you made at all?

Be sure to only have one submesh on your new blender object.
Also try changing the starting size to see if the object is just scaled small.
check play on away, loop and prewarm to make sure your error isnt just in the particle settings. double check your particle material in renderer tab of particle system window. ensure that it is a visible texture in accordance to your mesh.
if none of this helps try resaving the blender file and double checking that you are simulating the particle system