importing a character with no BIP

Hi I am new to Unity so please excuse me if this is a stupid question…

I brought some template code from the Unity store which has a couple of characters using BIP to walk and run and attack etc, this works great.
I brought a knight character I wanted to replace the original character with, however the knight doesn’t seem to have BIP at all when I drag it into the scene, can someone point me in the right direction for how to import a new character without BIP to a character that does have BIP?


.bip files are for 3DSMax’s Biped system. AFAIK, Unity cannot load these files directly - you’ll have to load them in 3DS Max, apply them to a model there, and then export them to Unity as, e.g. FBX files.

If the Knight character doesn’t have a skeleton, then you are going to have to take him into a 3D modelling tool (like 3DSMax/Maya/Blender), create a skeleton, and skin him.