Importing a model with Displacement, Normal, and Texture map

Hello all,

I have recently made a model in zbrush, where I have generated a Displacement Map, Normal Map, and a Texture (color) map. I have imported this into 3ds max as well as maya, and they both render just fine. Now I want to import this into unity, however, I am stumped on how to get a displacement map working, let alone both a Displacement and Normal map working at the same time.

Does anyone have any ideas or advice for me?

EDIT: Upon importing from an FBX with embedded material (containing the displacement, normal, and texture maps), i'm getting the following error:

Texture import error [Assets/Imported/Objects/FBXOutEmbed.fbm/TorsoFBust_Final_2_DM.tif]: Texture import error: Assets/Imported/Objects/FBXOutEmbed.fbm/TorsoFBust_Final_2_DM.tif

The _DM file is the displacement map.



I'm assuming displacement map is a height map? Look at different material shaders. for eg. Parallax Specular will allow you to set all 3 of those textures.

Make your own shader for the displacement map...

Most people use the normal map shader that Unity comes with as making shaders I believe can be tedious... Just my viewpoint.

But yea, look up shader lab for Unity on google, it'll come up with its documentation.