Importing "advanced" materials from Blender into Unity?

Hi everyone,

I am new in Unity and I’m working on a simulation modelled in Blender.

I know that when you import the .blend (.fbx) file into Unity, Unity makes the materials but you have to assign the texture or colour yourself. In simple materials that is not a problem, but when you acctually make more “advanced” materials in the node editor (in Blender) you will have to assign more (shaders/)textures/colours in Unity.

Now how, if it is even possible, would you implement all these different shaders from the example below in Unity.

Thanks in advance!

(if the picture is too small to read see the attachments below)

Importing materials from blender is not supported, but if you’re familiar with nodes you can use free Unity extension:

It lets you create shaders using nodes.

The extension was removed from Asset Store, alternatively Shader Forge could be used instead, but it’s a paid extension.

Getting the material from Blender to Unity is simple. All you need to do is bake the material in Blender (and if you don’t know how to do that, there are plenty of YouTube videos to help) and save that image to where you know that it is. Then you have to right click in the assets tab in Unity and select “Import Asset”, import that baked image. Then drag that image from the assets tab into the object on the right. It then should apply it