Importing and Playing a Video

I understand how to implement video playback with putting a Movie Texture on a Game Object or Material, with a little bit of scripting.

I just can’t seem to get the video (mp4) to play at all. I’ve imported it to Assets by drag and drop and by manually browsing my files, but it does not play in the inspector and will not place as a texture onto the material.

I’m using Unity Personal, and can’t tell whether or not I need to get Pro.

Not sure what I’m missing here!

UPDATE: I converted my video to .mov and got the following error “Error while reading movie: file/ UnityEditorInternal.InternalEditorUtility:ProjectWindowDrag(HierarchyProperty, Boolean”

I read somewhere that Unity may be running out of memory while converting to ogg due to the video being too large in file size?

I use Unity Personal and this happens to me as well (with .mov, .avi and .mp4 files).
When this error happens, try renaming the imported video in the Project tab. Unity will freeze for some time and afterwards the video will have been properly imported and can be used normally.

Hi Haewonhwang,
thats because you are using Personal instead of pro. But there is a way around this. Convert your MP4 file to .ogg using VLC media player or using any other video converter. Then, import it to Unity and use it as a movieTexture. This time it will recognize the file as a video.

Hy, this may be an old post but i ran into the same issue and solved it as follows:

  • I closed Unity (Personal Edition) and installed the newest QuickTime.
  • IMPORTANT: Start Unity as administrator. If you don’t do so, Unity can’t launch the conversion tool. (The conversion tool is located under “Unity\Editor\Data\Tools\QuicktimeTools.exe”)
  • Now it’s possible to add the video to the project assets and Unity will convert it into the right format.

Please note, when playing the video via movie texture file, that the audio has to be started seperate.

I had the same problem, usig Unity 5.3. After many different tries, I finally, and you may not believe me, drag the video files, even the MP4 one to “Materials” folder in Assets, and it worked. I have non Pro edition, and before I tried in a “Movies” folder, with no good result.

I find this crazy, you may try and see if it works.

for unity personal edition this works --first of all you have to install quicktime, then import the video. and u should restart the unity. Now u can play the video like a boss.

I participate 'cause I just find a solution (working on my 5.4.1f1) and is really simple.

  • First (probably count), I’ve install the last QuickTime version (7.7.9).
  • Second go on your folder with your MP4 files.
  • Last Right-Click and choose “Reimport”.

It gonna lag some seconds, and after the video is working ^^

To others running into this problem on later Unity versions the “Movie Texture” import version had been deprecated.

By default a mp4 that is imported is set to be a VideoClip import version.

The VideoClip can’t be dragged on the material like the “Movie Texture” can. Instead you need to add a “Video Player” component onto the object containing the mesh that you want to play the video on.