Importing animated FBX files

I'm developing an application that procedurally generates objects with bones-based animations.

As a starting point, I'm simply trying to use the Export01 example from Autodesk's FBX SDK. I run the application and it generates an FBX file, consisting of a skinned cube with a few bones and some animation that makes it move around. I can view the file, complete with animation, in Quicktime using the FBX plugin.

However, when I import the FBX file into Unity, I get the geometry but no animation at all. I examine the object in the inspector, and it's as if the animation simply wasn't imported.

I've also noticed that when I import character animations from, I need to select ".fbx for unity" instead of just ".fbx", which makes me wonder if there's something unusual about importing animated FBX's into Unity.

Any suggestions?

The reason why Mixamo has a ".fbx for Unity" is:

More details on Mixamo script to create a playable character in Unity here:

Hope this helps!


I can't think of anything very specific. Basically the rule should be if you can see bone animation in your tool (3dsMax, Maya, Blender, Cinema4d, ...) and can export it to fbx, then you should be able to see it in Unity. Can you import your animation into one of these 3d tools (preferably Autodesk ones)?

I don't know why has ".fbx for unity", and I don't know what's the difference.

how can i import a fbx file in to unity 3d