Importing animation from blender to unity

Hi I tried following all the tutorials I found around but my animations does not seem to import. I don’t use a rig, I just simply animate my mesh but after exporting it to unity the animations do not show up. I do not know what I am doing wrong here. I provided images to show how I did it.

Here I have a simple animation wherein the ring around the item simply rotates which starts from frame 0 and ends in frame 107

alt text

Then I rename it in the action editor and click the F button. I also clicked the snowflake icon in the NLA editor.


Then I select all the meshes and export it as an .fbx file in my assets folder


But when I look in my unity project the animation is not there.

The problem was I did not have an armature for the mesh. Unity only gets the animations from pose mode of the armature therefore I created an armature for the ring and animated that instead of the mesh.