Importing animation from Blender using a lattice modifier.

I am trying to import a character model from Blender with an animation. The character’s eyes are ovular (kind of egg-shaped) so they need a lattice modifier on them and a damped track constrained on the bone controlling the direction the pupil is looking. It works perfectly in Blender, but when I import the model into Unity, the animation plays and the eyes turn, but they wobble out of their sockets.

Is there something I have to do to enable this to work with Unity or is Unity just not able to support animations with a lattice modifier deforming them?

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, here is the tutorial I followed to get this result. Creating Cartoon Eyes

Heya. I work with Maya, but the stuff that you talk about have the same principle, so:
1: Unity does not support constraints. If you have something, that is moving with constraints you have to bake it.

2: Unity does not support vertex (points) movement. You have to use bones to make your eyes move.

The only thing, that comes in my mind at the moment is you to make blendShapes/Morpghs (Don’t know how it’s called in Blender), for evey eye turn (Up/Down/Sides, etc) and import that in Unity. Vertex deformations from deformers, cannot be imported…