Importing Animation With @ Naming Method-File Size

I am currently managing my character animations from Maya using the @animation naming method.

Right now I am exporting the mesh with each animation. I would like to just export the skeleton for the different animations, but haven’t been able to get it to work so far. Seems like it should work though…

If I was to continue to export each clip with the Mesh in the FBX file, will that mesh be included in the final build even though I am just using the animation from the export? I am trying to keep the file size down for mobile platforms.

Thanks in advance.

No, it’s not included in the build. When you import a model it is splitted into several sub-assets which you can see when you expand the hierarchy on your imported asset. The animation is a seperate asset which is just stored as sub asset on the imported model. When using the @animation naming method, Unity just adds the animation clip from the other model to the animation list of the main model. As long as you don’t use / reference any other asset from the animation-models (mesh, bones, …), only the animationclip is used.

The only downside is that the project folder can get quite big, depending on the mesh size and your animation count. Our model had around 2MB as fbx and we had 98 animations that are almost 200MB. It’s not a problem, but finally i wrote an editor script that extracts the animationclip as real standalone asset which has only around 60KB each ;). Now our project folder was way smaller. The build size however is exactly the same. It’s just a project management issue / question.