Importing .blend file - Missing Animation

I’m using Blender 2.63 to model and animate my meshes. Recently I’ve improved my model with IKs to make animation easier. However, attempts to import the model with the “Standing” animation has failed.

When I import the model as a blend file, the “Standing” animation doesn’t show up in the inspector. If I import the model as a FBX, the “Standing” animation shows up, but lacks the actual animation associated with it.

I’ve also noticed that my armature has been imported as a single mesh, as opposed to a collection of bones.

Any help with this?

alt text

ik bones wont work as far as i know in unity, however the animation should still work, check you import settings to see if it says store in root. from blender check to see if you are actually exporting the animation as well, but i guess you must be familiar with blender. im personnally waiting for unity 4 as they are intruducing a new sophisticated animation system.

well i think they are i found a demo of them showing it of so im guessing it will be with it